Want to know how to get rp lol without? Our website is a tool created for all players of League of Legends who can not buy their RP and RP want to get fast and secure, no way be downloading programs or installing strange things, or give your password to third parties, this is ONLINE and fast.

For get rp riots points should be because they want to spend real money on a game, but if you've seen those skins, very good which we all want to use and have only players who spend all their money on this game, and you just want rp win ?

Step 1: Enter your LOL user.
Step 2: Choose the amount of coins you want to generate.
Step 3: Click on "I agree, continue."".

xXSteveXx won: 1,000 RP. 6,000 PI.
At first I thought that does not work, just to prove complete an offer put my number and it worked (without charge me anything).
hace 5 minutos
Darck242 won: 1,500 RP. 3,000 PI.
All right, took 10 minutes to give me my RP but worked perfectly.
MichaLen won: 1,200 RP. 2,000 PI.
I am the only one of my friends who has to purchase from RP to VARUS hahaha! 100% works.
hace 13 minutos
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